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Clark Property Services    (602) 803-2086

A local, Veteran-owned business serving commercial property owners and realtors in the metro Phoenix area.

Please check our Services Offered and Rate Sheet pages for more information about our specialties. Please call to place orders, clarify offerings, or for custom quotes.

About Us

Clark Property Services     (602) 803-2086

Clark Property Services officially began life in March 2018. The reality is that the company has some lineage stretching back years earlier:

“I began performing property checks while in the security industry. Even as the Branch Manager of a local security firm and then a Co-Owner of another, I personally performed hundreds of property checks.  Although I have 9 years of experience in physical security, I opted to take a broader approach to stewardship of properties. Over the years, I realized that a pipe rusting out at a urinal or a leaking roof after a heavy rain can be just as costly to a property owner as a break-in.

Over the past year and a half I’ve had to turn away more work than I’ve accepted as a sideline while holding down a day job. I decided it was time to make my part-time work my primary focus. To this end I decided to launch Clark Property Services.”  Erin Clark


Clark Property Services maintains positive relationships with trusted vendors in many different industries that support commercial real estate, and can refer specialists when requested/required:

  • Physical Security (Unarmed/Armed, Mobile Patrol, & Alarm Response services)
  • Alarm Installation/Monitoring
  • Carpet/tile cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Powerwashing
  • HVAC
  • Various contractor trades (electricians, plumbers, fence installers, welders, etc.)


Erin Clark, Owner:

Services Offered

Property checks of vacant/unoccupied commercial real estate:

  • Document condition/status of property via photographs for property owner (interior and exterior)
  • Advise property owner of any problems that could hinder future sale or lease of site; i.e. signs of vandalism, vagrancy, and/or graffiti
  • Service includes modest litter removal (half a trash bag/visit)


  • Grant access to contractors, inspectors, and/or realtors as needed by having us meet your vendors onsite
    • Advantages:
    • Limits number of people with keys/alarm codes to property
    • Eliminates risk of unattended key lock-box being compromised (or even improperly closed/locked by legitimate party)
    • Keeps property owner/manager free for more important tasks

Property Management:

  • Ideal for local owners with smaller portfolios and fulltime professions as well as out-of-town owners
    • Property/properties does/do not warrant a fulltime Property Manager, but too much side work for the owner to juggle alone
    • Clark Property Services can handle tenant calls, arrange bids/RFPs for various services, schedule owner-approved services, verify vendors are meeting contractual obligations, etc.
    •  A cost-effective way to improve service to tenants and ensure that owner’s interests/investments are safeguarded

Pre-Showing Cleaning:

  • Ideal for properties that have been idle for several months that are about to be shown to prospective tenants/buyers
  • Sweep, mop, & vacuum to eliminate dust and cobwebs

Graffiti paint-over:

  • Unchecked graffiti on a site detracts from perceived value of location and can encourage further criminal activity
  • Meant as an expedient to “cover the ugly” only, will not be an exact color match to original color

For Sale/For Lease sign post installation:

  • A cost-effective, painless solution for Realtors

No Trespassing sign installation:

  • Mounted directly on building(s), or
  • Mounted on sign post(s) [for vacant lots]

Rubbish Removal:

  • Vacant commercial properties are frequent victims of illegal dumping

Vagrant feces clean-up:

  • Vacant properties (and even occupied ones) afflicted by vagrancy problems will commonly have this eyesore/health concern


Rate Sheet

Property checks (full interior and exterior check w/ photos uploaded; includes up to 30 minutes of onsite time):

  • Monthly (or less) $45
  • Weekly $35
  • Daily $25
  • Exterior check and photos only – call for price quote (i.e. generally applies only to vacant lots)
  • Larger properties requiring more than 30 minutes to check – call for price quote

Keyholder On Demand:

  • $30/hour onsite, with two hour minimum – after first two hours, time is billed in quarter-hour increments ($7.50 per 15 minutes)
  • $15 key pick-up/drop-off; if not an existing Property Check client

Property Management:

  • Short term, month to month: $200/month; includes up to 20 hours per month of administrative/client phone time and two documented site visits
  • Long term, six month agreement: $150/month; includes up to 20 hours per month of administrative/client phone time and two documented site visits
  • Multiple property discount; Call for price quote

Pre-Showing Cleaning:

  • Call for price quote
    • Price variables: size, scope of work, availability of electric/lighting/water onsite

Graffiti paint-overs:

  • $35 minimum charge; includes up to 20 square feet, 0-8 feet from ground level
  • $15 each additional 20 square feet

Real Estate sign post installation:

  • $35.50 traditional inverted “L” residential real estate sign post, installed –
    • includes up to 6 months of post rental and free removal of post
    • 24″ slot on top of arm for rider signs
    • white or C21 gold
  • $30 center post, installed for commercial real estate signs – includes up to 6 months of post rental and free removal of post
  • $25 installation of client supplied post/signage (single post)
  • $15 pick-up of client supplied signage
  • $12 additional 3 months of post rental
  • Full service sign creation and installation; call for price quote

No Trespassing sign installation:

  • Installed on building(s); Call for price quote
  • Metal 24″x18″ sign installed on 80″ wooden 4″x4″ post – $50 + tax each (1 or 2), $45 + tax (3 or more, installed at same property)

Rubbish Removal:

  • Call for price quote

Vagrant feces clean-up:

  • Call for price quote


  • References available
  • Certificates of Insurance available
  • Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ Discover accepted