About Us

Clark Property Services     (602) 803-2086

Clark Property Services officially began life in March 2018. The reality is that the company has some lineage stretching back years earlier:

“I began performing property checks while in the security industry. Even as the Branch Manager of a local security firm and then a Co-Owner of another, I personally performed hundreds of property checks.  Although I have 9 years of experience in physical security, I opted to take a broader approach to stewardship of properties. Over the years, I realized that a pipe rusting out at a urinal or a leaking roof after a heavy rain can be just as costly to a property owner as a break-in.

Over the past year and a half I’ve had to turn away more work than I’ve accepted as a sideline while holding down a day job. I decided it was time to make my part-time work my primary focus. To this end I decided to launch Clark Property Services.”  Erin Clark


Clark Property Services maintains positive relationships with trusted vendors in many different industries that support commercial real estate, and can refer specialists when requested/required:

  • Physical Security (Unarmed/Armed, Mobile Patrol, & Alarm Response services)
  • Alarm Installation/Monitoring
  • Carpet/tile cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Powerwashing
  • HVAC
  • Various contractor trades (electricians, plumbers, fence installers, welders, etc.)


Erin Clark, Owner: