Over the past year, our business focus has shifted slightly. What we initially thought of as just another sideline (Pre-Showing clean-ups of vacant properties) has become our primary focus. We are now servicing several business locations with exacting standards (are there really any other kind of standards???). There is nothing more rewarding than starting a new account and getting it up to “10/20 standards”* within several visits.

*Army humor; references the -10 and -20 Technical Manuals for any given piece of equipment which covers everything that can be handled at both the Operator and Unit/Organizational level to have something functioning at its desired level; no missing parts, no 550 cord holding the door shut, no 100 mph tape holding the bumper on, no flat tires, etc.

Remember, there’s clean, and there’s Army clean….

Does your current office cleaner only take care of the basics? Who cleans out that nasty breakroom fridge that “Fred” always forgets his rancid leftovers in until they look like the early stages of some Bacteriological Warfare experiment? Who replaces the lights when they burn out?

We can handle replacing lights and cleaning the fridge as part of our cleaning package. What we can’t handle is scrubbing unshowered, smelly “Fred” clean with a powerwasher in the parking lot, unless we can tack a little extra onto the invoice!