Other Services Offered

Property checks of vacant/unoccupied commercial real estate:

  • Document condition/status of property via photographs for property owner (interior and exterior)
  • Advise property owner of any problems that could hinder future sale or lease of site; i.e. signs of vandalism, vagrancy, and/or graffiti
  • Service includes modest litter removal (half a trash bag/visit)


  • Grant access to contractors, inspectors, and/or realtors as needed by having us meet your vendors onsite
    • Advantages:
    • Limits number of people with keys/alarm codes to property
    • Eliminates risk of unattended key lock-box being compromised (or even improperly closed/locked by legitimate party)
    • Keeps property owner/manager free for more important tasks

Pre-Showing Cleaning:

  • Ideal for properties that have been idle for several months that are about to be shown to prospective tenants/buyers
  • Sweep, mop, & vacuum to eliminate dust and cobwebs

Graffiti paint-over:

  • Unchecked graffiti on a site detracts from perceived value of location and can encourage further criminal activity
  • Meant as an expedient to “cover the ugly” only, will not be an exact color match to original color

No Trespassing sign installation:

  • Mounted directly on building(s), or
  • Mounted on sign post(s) [for vacant lots]

Vagrant feces clean-up:

  • Vacant properties (and even occupied ones) afflicted by vagrancy problems will commonly have this eyesore/health concern